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The Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association is an independent forum that provides forward-looking thinking and political and socio-economic integrated analyses on the Euro-Mediterranean region in an emerging multipolar world. It strives to contribute decisively to the transition process in the Mediterranean region amidst an unprecedented global financial and economic crisis and geopolitical uncertainties and conflicts.




[UFM] Report on Youth Employment Creation and Regional Integration [FINAL STUDY]-Final ES
Authors: Rym Ayadi, Fragkiadakis Kostas, Leonidas Paroussos, Karkatsoulis Panagiotis, Raul Ramos, Carlo Sessa, Emanuele Sessa
Date published: 20/07/2017

Authors: Rym Ayadi, Marek Dabrowski, Luc De Wulf
Date published: 10/11/2014

Policy Papers

EMEA-PolicyPaper - 5 5 Economic Challenges - Short Paper V2final-1
Authors: Rym Ayadi, Emanuele Sessa
Date published: 09/10/2016

State (Un)Sustainability in the Southern Mediterranean: The EU
Authors: Rym Ayadi, Carlo Sessa
Date published: 30/11/2013


Authors: Rym Ayadi
Date published: 25/02/2013

Authors: Rym Ayadi
Date published: 10/01/2013