What scenarios for the Euro-Mediterranean in 2030?

Rym Ayadi

The Southern Mediterranean region is at a historical turning point following the unprecedented uprisings that ended many decades of repressive authoritarian regimes. Before 2010, and the start of the Arab uprisings, the ‘business as usual’ scenario prevailed in a blend of un-sustainability and partial Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. Un-sustainability, coupled with phoney stability, was thought to be the long-term future for southern Mediterranean countries, as no credible prospects for radical democratic political changes were envisaged.

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Our Mediterranean: What future and what expectations?

Rym Ayadi

The Southern Mediterranean region is today still fragmented – on economic, social and political grounds. Can we ever speak about a single region when data only confirm the low levels of South-South integration, major disparities in per capita incomes, desynchronized demographic developments and divergent levels of human development?

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