Africa Initiative

The EMEA Africa Initiative brings together leading economists and high-level international and local experts to think for the future of the Euro-Mediterranean and Africa policy and economic relations. It serves as a leading independent forum for debate on the political and socio-economic developments with the aim to promote shared sustainability, inclusiveness, and regional economic integration. It will strive to contribute to the rethinking of the Euro – Mediterranean – African policies in view of the new dynamics of an emerging multi-polar world.


  • To monitor and to contribute to the reform processes in the political, economic and social agendas in Africa with a view of enhancing partnerships with the Mediterranean region, Europe and elsewhere;
  • To provide recommendations on new avenues to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth, on the future of regional integration and renewed Euro Mediterranean- Africa partnerships and policies;
  • To disseminate new political and socio-economic thinking and views through a regular flow of publications and public events;
  • To develop a network of excellence of economists and high-level experts in Africa.